Websites – Design, layout, programming

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Website set up in November 2011. Main activities are web development, optimization. During that time, a number of works carried out. Work done you can view the results . Some of the work is continuous – of a continuous web maintenance, update (, and :))


Websites – Design, layout, programming:
– website development – design, layout design, search engine optimization
– sites with CMS
– Development of web programming in HTML, PHP, CSS, javascript
– web development with a unique design with a CMS or not CMS
– banners, ads, ads, website layout, the destination site .
– advertising on Google (Adwords, Adsence)
– design services, promotional products (from business cards to advertising signs)
– shooting custom (customer projects, objects, event photography, photography training)
Advertising in Google Adwords, Google Adsence
– Google Adwords advertising campaign creation of service
– advertisements from Google Adsence hosting for your website
– web search engine optimization (SEO)
– logos,
– Clear logo, repaints.
Public Works
– business card layout manufacture
– leaflets, brochures layout, production

We also provide advertising and other production services for business gifts, promotional signs for the development and manufacture.